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My Adventures

By Wednesday, June 3, 2009

As I walked out the door this morning for work I glanced down at the ground and saw this little guy walking along the corner where my apartment meets the cement.  He was shiny with segmentations like an earth worm, but with legs and these creepy, beady black google-y eyes.  Quickly, I ran back in the house for my camera.  {just this morning I had taken out of my purse to make more room, but normally I would have already had it on me.}  I snapped a couple shots of this tricky little bugger.  He was moving fast for such short legs.  Then I ran back inside again to grab a paper towel so I could pick him up and move him.  If I learned anything from my years of microbiology classes it is that these kinds of things harbor lots of nasty germs.  {I know, really "technical".}  I gently picked him up, impeding his progress to the underside of the door and then to who knows where in my apartment.  Lukas had a "fun" experience with a lizard in his bathroom a few years back.  I did not want a repeat of that.  I gently tossed this guy into the big plant in the courtyard and hoped he wouldn't find is way back.  8:15 in the morning and I'd already had my first adventure for the day.  

My second adventure came when I got home from work.  My "come home from work" routine is to kick off my shoes, change from my work clothes, water my little garden with my new watering can, and then check the mail.  Well, today after watering my little plants I left the sliding door to the patio open to allow in some fresh air.  The strong afternoon breeze had just started and it felt nice to have the air blow in.  Then I went to check the mail.  Let me explain something here.  The door knob on the front door doesn't need to be unlocked for it to turn from the inside.  {maybe you see where this is going...}  Well, I know this and I think of it every time I go out the door.  And this time I thought of it too.  But I was just going about 5 steps to the mail box so I left the door wide open.  Who cares if the handle is locked because the door is open anyways, was my thinking.  The wind must have read my mind because just then a big gust came and slammed the door shut.  Oh, the other thing about my front door... you've got to push it really hard to get it to fully latch.  If you don't you can just push it right back open again without any effort.  Well, the wind knew this too and the big slam certainly shut the door completely, locking me out of my apartment.  Shoot, I thought but I didn't panic.  Instead, I calmly went and checked my mail {Netflix and insurance papers incase you were wondering}.  And then, I padded around the side of my apartment in my bare feet.  After a second of assessing the cinder-block like wall of the patio I just climbed right over.  Just a couple sketchy steps up, a leg thrown over the top {it must be about 8 feet tall}, a little jostling to get footing on the other side, and then I was down.  Good thing I left the sliding door open as it was my way back into the apartment.  Wait, if I hadn't left it open in the first place the gust of wind couldn't have come through and locked me out.  

Those were my adventures today.  Both happened moments after stepping out my front door.  Maybe the world is trying to tell me I should stay inside, bake a cake, make some popcorn, and watch movies all day instead of doing anything that requires me to go outside.  

Hope everyone else didn't have such crazy adventures on their Wednesday!

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