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#HereIsMySoulQuilt :: living my life with intention

My one life This life I'm living is the only one I get - or at least, I have no knowledge of getting a chance to do any of this over. Maybe it's my birthday just past and the reminder that with it, I'm two years away from 40. It could be the deaths of older (but not that old) extended family members in the last few years. It is definitely the fact that I am in therapy and no longer acutely struggling. Most likely, this mid-life awakening has been triggered by all these things.  What I know for certain I want to enjoy my one life. I want to let go of the "shoulds" and be present in the moment. I want more of what brings me joy and more of knowing my own worth. I want to care naught what others think, but do good because I can, give my time and attention because this is my most valuable asset, and model this behavior for my children because I wish joyful lives for them. There is an ease in moving through an ordered life. A place for everything and everything in its

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