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By Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The morning light was over cast and when I stepped out onto the patio I glanced up at the grey clouds.  It almost felt like rain.  In my hand I held my watering can.  I doused the little watermelon {I haven't killed it yet, but I don't think it's growing either}, strawberry plant, green onions and tomato.  Then I came to my climbing pea plant.  

By far, my peas having be the stars of the little patio garden.  I was stoked when they poked up through the soil.  I was equally excited when they climbed up the trellis and sprouted flowers.  They still have some clinging buds, so I wasn't even thinking to look for peas.  But I glanced at the vines a second time for some reason and there they were.  First, I spotted one little pea pod and then another and then another.  It was like when you buy a new car and suddenly it seems like you're seeing them everywhere.  My little pea plants are covered in little pea pods.  Ooooo, I can't wait to pinch these from the vine and pop them in my mouth.  But I will be good and wait till they're ready.

On a sad gardening note... my second strawberry that was ripening up nicely was chomped into by some animal over the weekend.  Big bites were taken out of the perfect berry.  So the score for me and the strawberry plant is 0 for Megan, 2 for the forces of nature.  

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