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Quilt Story :: Wild Sky Mug Rug

  As I type up this quilt story, I'm obsessively checking the tracking (out for delivery!), so eager to have this tiny quilt delivered. I think, after My Feet Have Wings , this is the most proud I've been of a quilt finish - that it's only 6"x8" be damned. I'm proud of the design - how I interpreted the inspiration photos and Mikka's logo, and my ability to sew something that looked like what I designed. I'm proud of the precision in my piecing. I'm proud of the cleanest machine-binding finish I've ever had.    This quilt came to be when my Instagram quilt friend (ugh, all those qualifiers when a friend would do) posted that she thought she was part of a Valentine's mug rug swap, but she had missed the cut-off. I had been feeling remorse for not signing up myself and jumped at the chance to have a little side-swap. And, because I was swapping with a friend instead of a stranger, I found it even more thrilling.  Even though the half-square

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