Sunday, October 19, 2014

The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo
On a Thursday evening after work, we drove over the hill to Santa Cruz.  We were pretending at being young and crazy kids.  We stood right up front, the music {especially the drums} hitting us right in the face.  We enjoyed it immensely.  Though it was determined, at the end of it all, that we were closer to old folks than we cared to admit.  Next time we'll find a seat at the back.  But this night it was worth it.

We found The White Buffalo {like probably many people} while watching Sons of Anarchy.  His music now, is often on repeat in our house.  The lyrics are gripping and filled with story telling.  The rhythm is distinctive and grabs at your bones.  The emotions run deep.

I was giddy as we waited out front of Moe's Alley for the doors to open.  We waited more, once inside for the show to start and then some more between the opening act {McCoy Tyler} and The White Buffalo.  I wanted to try a little show photography and used the waiting time to play around a little bit with my settings.  To get the image above I set my camera down on the stage... manual focus, a two second delay on the shutter, and Jake Smith {a.k.a The White Buffalo} hopped right over my camera on his way back to the green room.  Awesome!  

And the show?  That was awesome too.  He was so into each song, playing with strong emotion.  19 songs without a pause.  It was impressive.

The next day at work was a bit of a struggle.  But it was worth it. 
The White Buffalo

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

jeff/it and be there :: Titcomb Basin

Fremont Peak, Lukas Wenger {more Wyoming photos}
There just doesn't seem to be enough oxygen in the air above 10,000 feet.  The lungs burn, the head gets achy, and muscles scream over accumulations of lactic acid.  To those we were given daily hail/thunder/lightning storms.  Yet, when the orange-pink light of sunset hit the craggy peaks overhead each burning, freezing step was worth it.  To be pushed to the brink and more than ready to be home - or at least somewhere with a warm shower and clean bed - and at the same time you are so filled with wonder and amazement that you couldn't imagine being anywhere else in that moment.  We hated it and loved it all at the same time.

And that's how Lukas's buddy Jeff, f/it trip partner-in-crime, would have felt too.  Instead of getting to experience this trip with Jeff, Lukas and I took our battered hearts and over the course of 30+ miles battered our bodies as well, f-ing it in Jeff's memory.  In what will always feel so incredibly unfair, Jeff lost his battle with melanoma in early August.  He strived so hard to live life normally and not become this relentless disease.  And that's the way I choose to remember him.  Jeff would often talk about how there are so many awesome and beautiful things to see out in nature.  And truly there are so many within driving distance (even if that means 15 hours in the car).  

For now, I'll the let the images in the video do the rest of the talking.  My words escape me and my mind wonders remembering all the times we had together.

Friday, August 15, 2014

as seen :: around home

Just a few shots from the very beginning of the month. The strawberries became jam and the cucumbers became pickles - plenty of both still in the fridge though we're eating them every day. The garage still has work to be done - two windows wait for installation. But we {Lukas} are getting better at repairing and replacing the rotted structure of the walls.  I'm working on claiming the yard back from the weeds and dirt and millions of brick pavers.  There's a lot of all that and it's all heavy to move.  Slowly, we're taking small steps forward - two steps forward, one step back.  

Saturday, August 9, 2014

habits of home :: tending the garden

I drop Lukas off at the BART station and come home to a spunky kitty who tries to chat me up through the front window, his tail flip-flapping a mile a minute.  I set down keys and wallet and head out to the garage for my watering can.  With it filled, I give the back planter beds - which are in desperate need of a reboot - a drink.  Still going strong are thyme, sage and oregano.  Staging a come back are a couple basil plants.  My fingers are crossed about those.  A weekend away, with hot hot summer sun did in the lettuce and tiny strawberry plants though.

This quite morning time is squeezed in between Lukas leaving for work and then me leaving for work.  Yet, it's not hurried or rushed.  Just what I need to start the day.  And sometimes, like exercising, I don't really feel like doing it... but when done (and even while doing it) I feel so much better.

That simple daily reminder that our days are filled with infinitesimal choices.  We should always chose what brings us joy and happiness.   

Thursday, June 5, 2014

growing :: the front yard

First there were waist{or maybe shoulder} high weeds filling the front planter bed.  Wild radish and dandelion, both with slightly prickly stalks and tuberous roots.  And long, spindly grasses.  I pulled it all up, filling the green waste bin rather quickly.

And then there was bare dirt and a jade plant that needed a bit of relocation.  Into the ground I planted dahlia bulbs and poppies - all hidden beneath the dirt.  Still the ground looked bare.  In the front half of the bed I planted parsley and thyme and a flowering hydrangea.  Though the flowers soon withered and it wasn't looking all that healthy.

The parsley and thyme took off like gangbusters.  Raised beds got added to the backyard and the front yard herbs were moved.  Fingers are still crossed that the parsley comes back, though it does look to be making a solid effort.  I trimmed back the hydrangea and fresh leaves sprouted. And then...

The dahlias came up and poppies too.  And with them a volunteer sunflower!  A second, lagging behind sunflower didn't appreciate my relocation efforts and kicked the bucket.  But this first, big stalky fellow shot up quickly seemingly growing several inches each day.  I was eager to see it burst open and then it did.  With the dahlias following closely behind, like nature's fireworks.

Such anticipation, even though I did the planting and I did the watering, each time a new flower opens it feels like a wonderful surprise.  A cultivated sense of wonder.

Also growing in the front are a rosemary plant and two lavenders {that replaced the thyme and parsley}.  Even as such baby plants, the lavender are shooting up flowers and looking like miniature versions of their older counter parts I see in our neighbors' yards.  I can't wait for the day when they are also so lush.  And just like most everything else, that day will come and when it does it will feel like both all of a sudden and like an eternity.