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Dear Baby,

Last night, we moved the bed back into the bedroom from living room where we had been sleeping for the past few weeks. This fixer-upper home we've been living in hadn't seen all that much fixer-upping until your impending arrival gave us a deadline. Suddenly, it became clear that we could probably use the second bedroom as something other than storage and while we're at it, let's make the layout better. And so the garage has been nearly finished and the bedrooms torn apart. This room we've moved our bed into, with one coat of sage green on the walls, will some day be yours. But, we hear, babies don't really care or need much space and so we've appropriated it as ours for the moment.

As I work from home these last few days, I look around me taking snapshots in my mind and a few with the camera. This is what life looks like now, I think to myself. This is what our life looks like right before your arrival. It's messy and there's already way too much stuff. It's full and busy and slow all at the same time. How will you fit in?

I saw the midwife today and we listened to your little heart beating. It sounded so distinctly like a heart beat this time when before you had sounded more like a rapid, swooshing ocean. The room for you inside my belly is so rapidly shrinking. Today you couldn't swim away from the doppler like you usually do. But you still are great at kicking back when the midwife pokes my belly.

We're another day closer to your arrival. When will that be?

Your Mama

Dear Baby,

I remember, 20 weeks ago now, when I first felt the effervescent pops in my belly that let me know you were there. It was like I had a sparkling secret inside me and even though my body had already begun to change, if you didn't know me well you probably couldn't tell. These days... well there's no denying it, as one woman at work stated emphatically, "You're having a baby!" Under my stretched skin you push out with your legs and feet and bum, trying to make more space. After my shower in the evenings, I can sit on the couch and watch you dance in my belly.

On this, the first day of August, I'm finishing up my work to prepare for going on leave. I've ditched the hour plus long commute in favor of working from home these last few days. When I made this decision weeks ago it felt super indulgent, but now it just feels right. I cannot imagine another week of bus to muni to work and then the reverse to come home. Each step gets a bit slower and my discomfort only seems to increase. If only the entire world was a swimming pool. There I feel almost normal again and I move without hindrance, except when it comes to flip turns I no longer do. This week, between the preparations for your arrival and finalizing all my work, I plan to get in as much time in the community pool as I can.

To do lists will be ever growing and probably won't slow down with your arrival. We try to anticipate what it will be like when you get here, but mostly that is unfathomable. Instead, we are eager and excited and slightly nervous - the prototypical first time parents. If the past eight months have flown by, these last few days will really fly.

Your Mama

Geranium Dress

This is not my first geranium dress, but it does earn a very special first place in another way. It's the very first thing I've sewn for our baby. And it certainly feels special done up in this nani IRO double gauze fabric. I bought the fabric ages ago to make myself an Everyday skirt after I made the first (and currently only) one. That would have been fun and maybe I will make something for myself with the leftovers but...

Sewing for baby is where it's at right now! After years of sewing for friends' babies, there's a little girl just kicking away in my belly and I get to sew special things just for her. It seemed right to use this special fabric for her. It's soft and cozy and just perfect.

For the first time I tried snaps instead of buttons. I experienced the same oh no, I hope I don't ruin everything feeling before setting the snap just as I do when stitching and opening a button hole. But I LOVED how they came out. Lukas helped me pick out the correct color of snap. Seeing the sunshine-y yellow on the backside makes me smile every time. Thankfully, I was able to add in the interfacing even after the back was sewn up because in my eagerness, I'd totally forgotten that step.

Working in the double gauze was new and a bit tricky for me. The fabric is light and airy and a bit slinky. My pins wanted to slip right out unless I to extra extra care with placing them. As you can see by the slightly wobbly bodice seam line. My hope... once there's a baby filling out the dress all wobbliness will be hidden.

I used the wrong side of the double gauze as the lining for the bodice. This way it matches the underside of the skirt and I thought it was a fitting pair to the right side. Anything else would have either competed with the sweet simplicity or required a fabric purchase. (not that I'm against fabric purchases)

Pattern :: Geranium Dress by Made by Rae
Size :: 6-12 months
Fabric :: nani IRO Poncho in Double Gauze

Geranium Dress


Yellow Snaps!
almost, but not quite, everything...

morning walk dress :: tank-style jersey dress

In April I flew across the country to attend a training for work. It was a quick trip with two full days of learning, but the evenings were my own. I booked my flights so I would arrive while the sun was still up and I wouldn't have to navigate the city in the dark. The elderly woman sitting next to me on the plane was flying out to bury her husband at Arlington. Scattered throughout the plane were members of her family and her daughter sat next to her making sure she was taken care of. Her eyes light up when talking about her grandchildren and great grandchildren. It meant so much to her that they were coming with her.

On Friday night I scrambled to find a Seder for the first night of Passover and ended up at GWU Hillel. I was nervous to be going by myself and so was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I think I am finally far enough removed from the undergraduate life that any social awkwardness is gone. There wasn't a need to fit in or get approval and I was just comfortable to be myself.

The pictures below are from Thursday evening when I walked and walked and walked. Down to the Mall and then from the Washington Monument to the World War II Memorial. The place was crawling with class trips and groups of young adults playing softball and kickball. The key (although I don't think I was ever in any sketchy areas) for being a woman traveling alone - walk like you know where you're going. Head forward, eyes up, confident. This actually got me stopped twice by people asking for directions. Ha!

Washington D.C. :: 2016
the view from my hotel room - Washington Monument just peaking into the picture

Washington D.C. :: 2016
Security at The White House

Washington D.C. :: 2016

Washington D.C. :: 2016
My belly was still small enough I could lay on the grass to get this shot.

Washington D.C. :: 2016
World War II Memorial

Washington D.C. :: 2016
World War II Memorial

Washington D.C. :: 2016
World War II Memorial - view across the reflecting pool towards the Lincoln Memorial

Washington D.C. :: 2016

Washington D.C. :: 2016
This little girl was having fun striking poses while her mom wandered around taking pictures.

washing out the pilot - his last flight

It's been some time since I've made it a regular practice to post the daily goings-on. I miss it, though I have been recording a couple lines a day in my 5 year journal my sister got me for my birthday. That's a fun practice at the end of each day and good time to reflect about what made that day different - especially when they all seem so much the same.

:: I was excited to travel to DC for a training for work. And just as excited to head home. Loads of learning packed into two days.

:: love feeling the baby kicks and choosing not to believe how much bigger and rounder my belly is gonna get.

:: waking up a 4am is no fun, but I'm working on better dinner prep so we can head to bed earlier. Here's to lots of cooking preparations this weekend.

:: looking forward to having friends over for dinner tomorrow.

:: happy to have started the garden and hoping to share pictures of it soon. (4am wake-ups are making that difficult).

:: I more than ready for the weekend!

Mini Book Review: My Pantry by Alice Waters
This book is filled with practical advice... now I just need to find the time to follow through on some of it's suggestions and recipes. I like the simple layout and it's straightforward approach to building a pantry. But I do think it could have benefitted from some vivid photos and less dense text.
I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Blueberry Park Mini Swap
After signing up for my first Instagram quilt swap I tried to wait patiently for my partner assignment email to come. I busied myself with finding inspiration for the person who would have me. And then I waited and waited...

Welcome to my stop on the #quiltnon2016 weekend of quilting fun! Here I'll share with you a tutorial for the fancy fat cat 6" block.

This was one of those projects that, start to finish, took me much longer than it should have. And then, of course, I procrastinated getting it photographed and blogged...

When Julie (of The Intrepid Thread) offered up this fabric challenge I jumped at the opportunity to participate. What a perfect pairing of fabrics she was challenging people to sew with. Even before the fabrics arrived...