Friday, April 17, 2015


D-wayne :: paper cut
The neighborhood raccoon who likes to topple Sam and Jeff's garbage {until thwarted by a bungee} was affectionately given the name, D-wayne.  It's so much more fun to retell the pesky creatures antics when referring to his name instead of, "oh that raccoon is at it again."  We can exclaim to each other, "I saw D-wayne this morning!"

After finding my paper cutting tools to make Matt's birthday card I was itching to use them again.  A card for Sam was quite in order, especially since she'd left our little street for more snowy climates.  We're missing her {and maybe D-wayne is too}!  Like the victor he {sometimes} is, I placed him inside the laurel wreath.  Sure his eyes came out a bit wonky, but it's kinda fitting for this nutting neighborhood trash excavator.  

D-wayne :: paper cut

Looking forward to the weekend... filled with filling my newest planter box {a deep one!} with dirt and plants.  I considered all different kinds of tomatoes, but Lukas said 9 tomato plants is too many.  Hmm... I'm sure I'll be able to find plenty of other options at the nursery.  That place is overwhelming in its variety and selection.  

Happy Friday!

Friday, April 10, 2015

making :: hard workin' {huck finn hat}

hard workin' :: huck fin hat

I think I might have a problem.  Picking out the fabrics for this little Huck Finn Cap took me close to an hour.  And I didn't actually stray very far from the choices I made the first time around.  I hemmed and hawed, but finally decided you can't go wrong with some herringbone flannel and happy 'scary' creatures.

I had planned to get this done before the baby shower, but that didn't quite happen.  Everything got cut in the early morning hours before work.  Then the onesie and little pants took precedence - the onesie HAD to be done and the pants were going to be the quickest sew.  Imagine my surprise though, when I sat down the following weekend to start working on the cap.  It came together in one day and not too much longer than the pants.  {Still it took another week just to get it to the post office!}

This time around I opted to sew the 2T-4T size and hope to get some more wearability out of it.  Fingers crossed!

And now for the fun pictures... the handmade leather tool bag seemed to be the perfect photo backdrop.  

hard workin' :: huck finn hat

Monday, April 6, 2015

as seen :: in the garden

in the garden

The rest of the backyard is still very much a disaster, but these three beds are planted and growing.  Zucchini, spaghetti squash, basil {of two varieties}, bell peppers, lettuce and herbs.  And even the lettuce and the one basil plant that got munched on by a squirrel {?} are coming right back.  Now let's see if I can get motivated to clear the weeds in the rest of the yard.  I've been promised more planter boxes {on the ground this time} if I can just get that done.  

in the garden

in the garden

in the garden

P.S. Here I am working on the railing on the back stairs Lukas built while we were working on refinancing our house.  Both {refi and stairs} turned out great!

Monday, March 23, 2015

lil' bean :: quick change trousers

lil' bean :: quick change trousers

I think I could spend forever in the fabric store making and unmaking decisions about which fabrics to buy.  At times, nothing seems right and then again everything seems right.  Around and around I walk in circles and the same thing going on in my mind.  Oh why is it so hard to make a decision?

For these, I really wanted to use the green flannel I had on hand but the question was what to pair it with.  I had pulled the bolt of baby whale corduroy in navy.  I liked it, but couldn't decide.  Would it be too many lines when paired with the plaid flannel?  I held the two against each other, trying to decide.  The bolt went back on the shelf, then I pulled it back out again still trying to make up my mind.  Tell me I'm not the only one that does this!

The final decision ended up being classic blue denim.  Every new little guy could use a cozy pair of flannel lined jeans.  I can't type 'flannel lined jeans' without thinking of LL Bean.  So, in honor of that these became lil' bean pants.  A double play on words since they're for a little bean too.

Again, I used the quick change trousers pattern from Anna Maria Horner's book.  It's such a simple and straight forward sew.  Quick and rewarding - the best kind.  Plus, the backside and the cuffs get to show off the flannel plaid.  There was a little bit of laughing about lumberjacks at the baby shower   and I think these would probably make great lumberjack pants.

lil' bean :: quick change trousers

small but mighty :: onesie

For the shower we were instructed to bring a decorated onesie, bib, etc. that represented you and the mom was going to guess who each was from.  The mom is a good friend of mine from CalPoly, so immediately I knew I wanted to make something with bacteria on it.  The little saying, 'small but mighty' popped into my head since that describes both bacteria and babies.  The bacteria weren't exactly obvious though and the mom thought 'small but mighty' was referring to one of the shorter ladies there.  There were lots of laughs during the guessing and more than a little bit of blaming 'mommy brain' when the mom couldn't quite figure things out.

lil' bean :: quick change trousers

Monday, March 9, 2015

making :: baby J

baby J
Oh, I can totally whip up a little baby quilt in a few days... except, NOT!  I was excited to hold our friend's new little guy and with a few days to spare I thought I'd throw together a sweet and simple baby quilt.  That was just about 6 months ago.  The top got done and maybe it even got quilted, but it was going to take too many late nights to get this finished in time.  And so that first baby holding day came and went.  The baby was sweet; the quilt wasn't done.

And then... MONTHS went by.  Oooops!  Finally, Lukas prompted me to "just get it done!" and so I did.  It only took a couple more bus rides of stitching while we crossed the Bay Bridge.  Quite cozy, in my lap.  Since we hadn't found time to go over the hill recently, this headed off to it's new home in a mail last Friday.  At least, the baby is still a baby when he'll be getting his new quilt.  They got it on Saturday and it just so happened that things worked out and I got to have lunch with them on Sunday.  Darn, could have gifted it in person!  

:: quilt stats ::
approximately 36" square
fabric - Anthology - The Woodlands {out of print}
+ a green plaid flannel & minky on the backside

baby J

baby J