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"farm" fresh

By Sunday, June 28, 2009

I planted them and watered them.  I watched them come up and grab the trellis.  They climbed high.  They grew little white flowers.  Then came the pea pods.  

I watched them carefully through the week.   I wasn't going to lose these to the forces of nature.  These were not going to go the way of the strawberries.  And then on Friday I picked them - a special treat for Shabbat dinner

Oh me, oh my, oh these were good.  Sweet and plump and fresh.  They tasted just the way peas should taste.  No cooking, nothing added - these were perfection.  Too bad there were only about 8.  

Some day I will have my own yard for a garden.  Then I will plant peas galore.  For now this will have to do.  

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