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pizza dinner and the case of the missing earing

By Saturday, June 20, 2009

I love pizza dinner nights - home made pizza night!  I think I've written about making pizza a couple times now.  Forgive me... it makes me happy.

Last Thursday I hurried home from work to start the pizza dough.  I use a recipe for calzones from the Moosewood Cookbook.  I use 1/2 a cup whole wheat flour for a more flavorful crust.  And I usually have to add in more flour 'cause it gets a bit sticky.  The dough rises in about an hour - great for a week night.  

I'm all about the hand-made aspect of this pizza.  Once the dough has risen I stretch it out on a cookie sheet.  I stretch and pull, attempting to mostly keep it an even thickness {not that this happens}.  Then I smoother the top in pesto sauce, doing the my best to keep the pesto off the cookie sheet.  Toppings for last week's pizza were as follows: black olives, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and walnuts.  Gourmet!    

And now for a mini-mystery...  "The Case of the Missing Earring"

While the pizza cooked I turned to the sink.  I've really been trying to build good habits like cleaning up as I go.  Certainly makes post dinner clean up all the more easy.  I was contentedly washing the dishes, almost running on automatic, when I heard a little "dink".  The sound was so slight I wasn't even sure if I really heard anything thing.  It sounded as if something tiny had fallen into the sink.  I glanced down, looking for what ever it was that had fallen but didn't see anything.  Weird, I thought, convincing myself that I hadn't really heard anything.  

Then I felt it, well actually it was more of a lack of feeling - my right earring was gone.  I double checked with a soapy, wet hand.  Yep, it was gone.  But to where?  I looked and looked in the sink.  Moved utensils that were cluttering the sink - still no earring.  I scanned the ground - maybe it bounced off the edge of the sink and landed on the ground.  Nope.  I reached my hand into the garbage disposal.  I found lots of soggy pieces food, lots of them, but no earring.  So I looked everywhere again, but when it couldn't be found I reached back into the dark depths of the disposal.  

As my fingers worked blindly around the disposal I heard another small little sound.  I wiggled my fingers and heard it again.  I felt and felt, but nothing in there felt anything like an earring.  Finally, I felt the wire of the hook.  With great finger contortionist technique I twisted my hand around to pinch the earring with my fingers and pull it up.  Dripping with little bits of slimy food I triumphantly held it over my head.  Score one for Megan, nothing for the garbage disposal.  

{ok, I promise no more pizza posts}

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  1. now, i was thinking that maybe you were going to find the earring in one of your bites of that amazing pizza! that's on my list of dinners to make this week. love em