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Watering Can 2.0

By Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here we have the new and improved DIY watering can.  When I first started my little patio veggie garden I was going to buy a watering can, but for $10 I thought that was a bit much.  Definitely not worth what the $10 would get me.  And I thought, I could make that.  So, we drank up the orange juice and set to work creating the beta version.  The beta version looks very much like the 2.0 version minus the spout.  Instead, it just has holes punched into the side where the spout is now.  The beta version was a complete flop, but I've been using it for several weeks now.  The water comes out in a mostly solid stream and runs down the side making it impossible to get the water where you're shooting for.  I've spent many mornings watering the cement of the patio.  

Watering Can 2.0 - new and improved with same stylish design.  OJ jug + plastic water bottle + just a bit of duct tape.  That and a handy boyfriend with a drill and you've got yourself a new watering can for way less than $10.  I have to say this one works so much better.  A beautiful cascade of water flows from the holes gently bathing the veggies and cool water.  {ok, enough waxing poetic!}  

Happy summer gardening.  

{Edit:  When I say "I could make that" what I really mean is "I bet Lukas could figure out how to make me one".  If only I could be so clever and handy.}

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  1. YOU could make that? You drank the OJ, but that was about it.

  2. Yeah, you're right. But I'm a pretty got OJ drinker. Got to give me that!

  3. great work megan (i mean lukas). today, i couldn't find our second hand watering can and ended up using a tiny one the girls play with that i had to keep refilling, over, and over, and over again. i sure could have used me one of those 2.0 versions.

  4. hey megs- have you checked this one out yet? an adorable 18 year old photographer/baker:


    just thought of you!