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blue mason jars make me happy

By Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When I read this blog post a few weeks back these beautiful jars stuck in my head.  Right away I left her a comment suggesting that she give {me} one.  I had some major blue mason jar envy.  Slowly, I let it go and moved on with my life.  {I know, they're just jars!}

I had just gotten over my envy, when last weekend Lukas's mom asked, "You don't want these old jars, do you?"  I peeked inside the beer box and saw two pretty blue mason jars staring back up at me - plus, a couple other clear, funky old jars.  "Really?!" I asked, "Really?  I can have these?"  I was so excited.  So, I ended up with my own pretty blue jars anyways.
Blue mason jars make me happy.

Happy Wednesday!

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