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little red table

By Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For my birthday my parents were super sweet and bought me a brand-spankin' new microwave.  They brought it down here when they came down for my brother's graduation.  For about 2 weeks it was sitting on the counter sucking up the best counter space in the entire kitchen.  Just hogging it all - and there wasn't much to begin with.  So, we were on the look out for a little table that would fit in the spot next to the counter and before the sliding glass door of the patio.  It was a tight fit and would require the "perfect" sized table.  I was carrying around the dimensions in my purse for a couple days.  And then we found it... the perfect sized table at a tiny little second-hand furniture shop in Santa Cruz.  At $20 it was even more perfect... just the color was a bit not what I wanted {sorry for the poor English, but that's exactly what I want to say}.   

Here it is in all it's turquoise glory.  I'm sure some of you probably love this color.  Actually I like it too, but it just wasn't quite right for my little kitchen.  And it totally made me think of the San Jose Sharks hockey team every time I looked at it.  {we debated for a split second just adding a Sharks logo to the bottom and calling it a day.
Instead, a little bit of paint got rid of the "Sharks" table. It was fun to pick out a color and watch the machine make and mix it all up.  {ok, I know what I think of as "fun" is a bit odd.}  

Here's a between shot for you.  Looking a bit purple I've got to say.  Good thing a couple more coats got it nice and red.  {pretty I know, but not what I was going for}

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  1. what an adorable little table. that's the kind of table you'll have forever. the kind that you can use in just about any situation, and any color to suit your fashion. good choice!

    p.s. i like the reflection of you in the microwave! what a camera pro. love em