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Photography: lesson #4 - Five Senses

By Friday, March 13, 2009 ,


Bells on a red strip, like sleigh bells, jingle every time the front door is opened.  They signal someone's arrival or departure.  Sometimes they are used by the cats as a signal to be let outside, but most often not.  

Mostly, the bells go unnoticed unless they are jingling.  Only when you HEAR them do they capture your attention.  

These bells are something I am going to miss when I move up north to my new apartment.  {Yep, new job = new apartment = growing up a little more.}

Smell::Old Spice

Scent has such a powerful hold over our memories.  Catching a whiff of something can transport us to different places and times.  Each of us has our own unique smell.  Old Spice deodorant will always make me think of Lukas.  My brain even gets confused if another guy walks by wearing the same deodorant.  The power of scent is that strong.

I don't want to touch this or taste it and I most definitely can't hear it, but I would SMELL this any day.


This is a smooth stone with the word hope etched in its surface.  So cool and polished that it makes a good "worry stone" even though it doesn't have an imprint for my thumb.  I keep it in my pocket of my brown, fancy coat.  I'd reach my hand in my pocket while walking into work some mornings.  These were mornings during the time when I was hoping to get accepted to phd programs, mornings that I was hoping to get a new job, mornings that I needed just a little extra hope.  It was nice to find it in my pocket.  

I don't look at this all that often.  I TOUCH the smoothness though and remember to have hope.  


The world of words holds a special place for me.  I was the kid who the librarian looked at with skepticism as she checked out my stack of books that towered well over my head.  And yes, a week later I had read them all and was back for more.  I love to read.  So much so that I even just love the way words look on a page.  {maybe I've shared about this before?}  By SEEING the words on the page I can see so much more in my imagination.  {ps. Does anyone recognize this book?  It has been one of my favorites since about the 8th grade.}


Taste, like smell, can trigger memories in a flash.  This morning I mixed the ingredients, knedded the dough and let it rise.  Hours later I punched it down and divided it into six - three for each braid.  Bread making is such a tactile experience that this could have been used for touch.

Oven set to 350 and the challas in to cook.  I packed my car for the trip up north.  When I opened the door to come back inside I was hit by the amazing smell of warm baking bread.  But, it's more than bread.  Something about challa makes it extra special.  I could have even used this for smell.  But I waited...

I waited to use this for TASTE.  That first bite after reciting the blessing, dipped in a little bit of salt is really a taste of Shabbat - rest.  It's worth waiting for to get to the TASTE. 

{This has been a slightly different take on Five Senses Friday from this blog.  I also used this as a photography lesson - ambient light vs. flash exposure.  I got a chance to try things on my own, but also got direction for creative lighting ideas.  So much to learn!}

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