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A little cooking experiment

By Friday, March 27, 2009 ,

Since I just moved into my new apartment and haven't amassed a great pantry or even food to fill my fridge yet I had to go grocery shopping the other evening.  I managed to get through the week on just a few necessities, but before leaving Santa Cruz to go back to San Mateo last Sunday I made a quick stop at Safeway.  Seriously, I think I was in and out in less than 20 min.  
While grabbing the things I needed for the week I thought it would also be nice to get some pancake mix.  I love how quick and easy and yummy pancakes are.  So, I found the right aisle and was eyeing the different choices as I walked closer.  But, just steps away from actually having a good view of the options of the shelf I was assaulted.  Head-on, skin pealing, toenail curling fart dropped by the man already gazing at the boxes of mix.  I switched into high gear and without pausing grabbed a box of something and ran.  

It wasn't until I was loading the groceries into the car that I noticed that what I grabbed wasn't pancake mix.  Instead, I'd gotten waffle mix.  Hmmmm, I began thinking,  This could probably work for pancakes, right?

Fast forward to Friday... I had the day off {thank you Cesar Chavez} and decided to make my "pancakes".  Well, wouldn't you know it we were all out of eggs.  In my search to see what we could substitute I found some of the weirdest things.  Have you ever heard of substituting a banana for an egg?!  I decided to just wing it - followed the recipe, but added a little bit of milk too.  When that made it seem way to runny I added a little flour.  

And... it worked.  Slightly different tasting, almost sweet due to the mix I think, but not bad.  We ate them with butter and honey {gosh, I guess I need to get some syrup too}.  All in all, they were good, but I wouldn't recommend this method.  Next time I'll just make a quick run to the Safeway that is a 5min drive from my place {although, I was less than impressed the first time I went there}.  Next time, I'll actually buy the right mix or even make my own - it should be simple, right?

Happy weekend!  I'll be spending it looking for good deals at the Flea Market and making curtains.  

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  1. thanks for the laugh, megs! how's your new digs? tell me more! love em