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Photography: lesson #3 - more macros and flash!

By Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lukas gave me another photography lesson this afternoon.  The sun was shining, urging me to go outside but making taking pictures a little bit challenging.  I am finding that I have an easier time exposing correctly on days of slightly diffused lighting.  It's fun to feel my understanding of the components of exposure growing.  But a sticking point I can't seem to get over for the moment is the inverse relationship f-stop has with aperture.  I understand this, but I seem to mix them up in my head when choosing my exposure.  The good thing is that I have started to catch myself in this.  Hopefully, it'll only be a matter of time before I stop doing this.  

I also got my first real introduction to using a flash.  That adds an entirely  different level to understanding exposure!  First there's max-sync speed which limits the shutter speed so that the camera can trigger the wireless remote on the off-camera flash.  Then there's adjusting for ambient light and how you want that affecting your picture.  Goodness it's a lot to think about.  {and I'm probably boring you all with these photography details... on to more pictures}

{Score: Mosquito=2, Megan-1 but the one was a crushing blow}

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