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More paper crafting fun

By Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well this post is a little over due.  First I was waiting for the card to get there in the mail before posting and then I forgot all about it.  Better late than never, right?

I just happened to come across this old picture of my dad during my last visit home.  I love how coincidental this was - my mom just happened to leave out one of the photo albums, I just happened to page through it while having my lunch, I just happened to be thinking about making my dad a card when I saw this picture of him dressed up as batman -perfect!  My dad had mentioned wanting a copy of this picture of Lukas as batman so I thought it would be great on the card too. 

The front of the card reads: they say a girl chooses a guy that reminds her of her father.
Inside it reads: they might be right.

Again I had fun with my clear stamps!!  Any excuse is a good excuse to use them. 

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  1. that's wild! what was uncle phil's reaction to the card?