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A day with my dad

By Thursday, March 5, 2009

I extended my stay down in L.A. when I found out my dad was going to be there before he left for Israel.  After meeting up with him on Sunday we drove around to check out the rentals we have down there.  Boy was that an eye opening experience.  I went to places in Los Angeles I've never been before and never would have ventured into on my own.  I learned how to fix a broken faucet and picked out fixtures with a 13 Mexican kid we'd just met that day.  I got a chance to try my Spanish skills and was surprised at how much I could understand - a word or two there combined with gestures and such.  It was disheartening to see the amount of work that needs to be done on these places.  Lesson learned: Get the right person for the job the first time.  If it's not being done right than they're probably not the right person.

Monday morning my dad and uncle attempted to fix a leaky faucet in my cousin's bathroom.  With much yelling, a little cursing, and lots of sweat they got it apart.  Then we were off to hunt up the parts for a new handle - stem and leaf (I think).  I learned how to tell which came from the hot side and which came from the cold side.  We also drove by a gate to check it out.  My uncle had this guy instal a new gate at his house, but it is darn right ugly.  So, we went to look at similar one done by the same guy - just in different colors.  It was much better.  Then it was on to breakfast - finally.  That was the reason I was tagging along.  

That afternoon my dad and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire.  We both really enjoyed it.  My dad said, "They don't make many movies like that these days."  We may be some of the last people to see this movie, but I'm giving it my recommendation.  

Then it was early to bed, early to rise - 3:45am to be exact.  I delivered my dad to LAX and he was off to Israel.  I made my way back up to Santa Cruz.  Glad to be back up north, glad to have spent some extra time with my dad.  

{The entire weekend with my dad he kept asking, "how come you're not taking pictures of this for your blog?  Is this not blog-worthy?"  So, Aba, this blogs for you.}

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