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A Shot In The Light

By Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let me formally introduce you to the most amazing landscape photographer I know.  Well, ok, I only personally know one landscape photographer, but he happens to have amazing skills.  Well, ok, I might be a little biased, but after seeing some of his work I'll think you'll agree.  My 7 loyal blog readers, let me introduce you to Lukas.

I take full responsibility for introducing Lukas to photography {so now I'm promoting his new book}.  No, I'm not a photographer.  I just invited Lukas to come on a trip with my family.  He "stole" my point-and-shoot and it was all down hill from there.  Actually, not all down hill.  His shots have really taken off, improving by leaps and bounds.  He's got a great natural eye for composition and a drive to improve his technique.  
About a year and a half ago Lukas traded in his point-and-shoot for a DSLR.  Since then there have been many early mornings, trips to places with amazing scenery, and probably thousands of shots taken.  Being on the California coast, most of the shots center around the beautiful coastline.  Out of those thousands of shots the best ones have been kept - enough to fill a book.

And now we get to the real point of my post {I hope you're all still reading}... "A Shot In The Light - A Collection of California Coastal Landscapes" by Lukas Wenger.  Lukas has put together a photo book of his coastal landscapes.  I think it's a great way to show case his work and it's for sale on Blurb.  You could get your very own copy!  This would make a great Father's Day present for the nature-loving dad, a great gift for someone who loves evocative images, a perfect treat for yourself.  Plus, you get all those pictures for about the price of one big framed print.

So, go check out Lukas's book on Blurb.  You can go here to see all the pages in the book - to check it out before ya buy.  And if you see something you'd like hanging on the wall of your home, I'm sure Lukas would be happy to sell ya a print.  

Here's a few pictures of the inside to give you a little tease... 

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  1. From what I can tell, his photos are gorgeous!

  2. way to go lucas!! i was just telling toni today that i think an awesome way to sell her photography would be to put it in a beautiful coffee table book. lucas has come a long way fast!! love em

    p.s. had fun with your sis the other day! did you guys have a great weekend?

  3. Those are great pictures! And reading that someone has learned/grown in their photography skills so much so fast gives me inspiration to keep working on my own!