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My long weekend

By Wednesday, May 27, 2009

While everyone else enjoyed their 3 day weekend, I had an even longer one.  Four days of weekend goodness!  

I got to take a part day on Thursday and Friday off as well because my family came down for my brother's graduation.  My parents drove down on Thursday and just had to check out my work.  It was fun to show them my booooooring cubicle.  
I think they were surprised at how quiet it is in the office.  It seriously is!  

The next morning Lukas and I got up early to drive down to San Jose to meet up with the fam for the graduation.  When we were getting ready Lukas checked facebook and saw this update from my dad - "Welcome back to California Shawna".  For those of you that don't know, my little sister is living in Israel right now going to school.  I had no clue she was coming back for Matt's graduation.  But after seeing this post I began to put two and two together.  My dad had dropped comments all over the place - brought a huge bag of potato chips for Shawna (to "send" to her) and had talked about talking to her as if she was right there.  But still, I was super excited to see her when we got to the graduation.  And I got to surprise her.
The graduation itself was the most boring I have ever been too and I've been to quite a few.  After the graduation we had a family BBQ and the next day we went over the hill to the Watsonville Airshow.  We saw fast jets, planes doing stunts, and a huge carrier jet that just about stopped on a dime.  My favorite was seeing the fighter plane hover and then turn to face the crowd, taking off from the hovering position.  It was sweeeeeeet!

We had a fun, busy weekend with my family.  Then on Monday I got two new pieces of furniture for the apartment.  A shoe rack/bench for by the front door and this hutch for all my craft supplies.  

Please ignore the messy closet in the background.  And my apologies for the rambling post.  

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