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irony in the morning

By Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love that I work for an enviromentaly conscientious employer. It's nice to see them taking steps to reduce waste, but...
This morning in my mail box was this half sheet postcard printed in glossy reminding me to print on both sides of the paper. On the back side is a little note asking you to post this by the copier as a reminder to others in the office. Now, this would be a great reminder if it just went out to one person in the office and they posted it for everyone to see. But that's not how it went. Instead I could see one of these postcards sticking out of the boxes of all the employees. I'm not sure this is quite the right way to go about reducing waste. At least the thought is there and they did print on "post-consumer waste recycled paper".
So, here's my friendly e-reminder to everyone out there... Save the trees!

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  1. Love this image! I ran across your blog today, saw it, printed it out and posted it by our copier at work :) I'm all about double-sided printing and scratch my head that there's so much resistance :(

    Cindy in Boise