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2 fat quarters=1 apron

By Monday, May 11, 2009 , ,

After my drought of sewing, this past weekend was flash flood levels of sewing.  Since I had to go to my favorite fabric store to get some fabric to make my purse I thought it'd be good to get some fabric to make my mom a mother's day present.  {post to come, after she's gotten it}.  And while browsing for that fabric I just had to take a gander at the fat quarters.  They're seriously got a fun assortment of fat quarters.  This red with beaters was just asking to be made into an apron.  I paired it with this blue - just about the first one I saw.  At the moment I have a thing for red with blue.  

I whipped this up without a pattern or much of an idea of what I was doing.  Just winging it.  But, lo-and-behold, it turned out pretty cute.  I wish I'd had a bit more fabric to add a blue ruffle at the bottom.  The little bow just had to do.  Or even it would have been fun to have a big chunky pocket.  Oh, the things I'll be dreaming up.

This became a mother's day present for Lukas's mom.  I've heard she likes it - yay!  Can't wait to show off what I made my mom but it will just have to wait.  

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