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Sunday sewing

By Friday, May 8, 2009 , ,

As of starting my new job and such I haven't really done much sewing.  It's hard when my machine is still 5 hours north of me and even if it was here it needs some kind of tune up.  Stupid tension is totally off.  I've been dreaming up projects in my mind and the list just keeps getting longer.  Good thing my machine is making it's way back to me later this month.

I did get a chance to sew this past weekend while in Santa Cruz.  I had a sewing date all set with a friend from freshman year, but things feel through when she called and said she was sick.  I was bummed and had been looking forward to both seeing her and doing some sewing.  Even still I got a chance to sew and whipped up this challa cover on Sunday.  Had to try my hand at a wonky log cabin, but I got skittish and didn't make it quite as wonky as I should have.  I am totally sold on the merits of a rotary cutter and mat with clear ruler.  I didn't have any of these last weekend.  I made it work, but I think things would have been much simpler and maybe faster if I was well equipped for this activity.  Anyways, I love how it turned out and am already thinking up new color combos and more wonky-ness.  Here's to getting more opportunities to sew! 

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