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By Thursday, May 7, 2009

When they didn't sprout after 10 full days of sleeping in the bed of dirt I was certain I had killed them.  Somehow, I had over watered or under watered or the windy winds were just too much and they were not going to come up.  And then, just when these thought really began to take hold and I was coming to terms I checked one more time.  One solitary green shoot poked through.  It almost could have been mistaken for a fallen leaf, but it was real.  The next day it was still the only little shoot, but after that two more came up.  I watered them, moved them so the sun would fall on them.  Over night, it seemed, they shot up - rapidly doubling, and tripling in height.  Now bunches of the grow up, with thin tendrils they reach out and wrap around the Lukas-made, garden stake trellis.  Day-dreaming of snap peas fresh off the vine.  

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