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By Tuesday, May 5, 2009 ,

Some weeks ago I started these little green onions growing in this tiny little jar.  Quite simply, I chopped off their tops to use on ginger steak salads and such.  Then I popped them in the jar with water and left them.  The next day the roots had begun to grow and intertwine.  A week latter I added the rest of the bunch.  The new green shoots rapidly reached new heights.  Now they all are transplanted into an orange pot on the patio.  Growing right along side the peas, tomatoes, strawberries, and watermelon.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember to take a picture of my little garden.  The peas are really amazing me how quickly they grow.  And now I have an easy source of green onions.  If you're like me, I tend to let grocery store bunches go to waste before I use them all.  This way, nothing goes to waste I just cut off what I need.  I think I need to try this with lettuce too - another veggie I just tend to let get yucky in the fridge.  

Now on my windowsill is a tall glass bottle with a calla lilly and a rose in my little white vase.  The rose was given to me by a lady outside of Safeway.  Even though I turned her down when she asked for change I gave her a smile instead.  I commented on how beautiful her flowers were.  She just about wanted to give them all to me.  After putting the groceries in the car I went back and put a couple bucks in her hand.  "You made my day," I told her.  "Many blessings," she said.  Now I get to smile as I do the dishes looking at the rose on the windowsill.  A blessing indeed.  

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