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By Thursday, February 12, 2009 ,


When I looked back at the past year, it struck me how much we traveled.  Nothing huge like our trip to Europe two summers ago, but nevertheless we did get out and go a bunch of places.  Mostly, our travels have been fueled by Lukas's itch to take pictures.  We plan our trips around places he'd like to photograph with me weighing in once in awhile.  Here's a little recap of our 2008 adventures...

Camping camping camping...
We camped in Big Basin Redwoods, Samuel P. Taylor, Morro Bay, San Simeon, Russian Gulch State Parks, and Yosemite National Park.  We camped with my family and we camped with raccoons (not one in the same).  We hiked and took pictures and ate many meals of hot dogs and beans.  I love camping!

Our "big" trip (meaning we didn't sleep on the ground) - Sedona, Arizon and the Grand Canyon.

We took a weekend get-away to San Francisco.  Pictures and baseball games... Lukas was pretty much in heaven.  I had a blast too.  

Several little trips up to Humboldt to visit my parents.  

Oh and I almost forgot my trip to D.C. for a conference.  It was super cool to watch the inauguration and recognize the places they were showing on t.v.  I kept say, "hey, I've been there".  I think I started driving Lukas a bit bonkers.  

Looking ahead...
Next week we're going camping in Death Valley.  Forecast - showers!  Yikes, but we'll just go prepared.  Photographically speaking Lukas is hoping this means great clouds.  I'm just hoping we don't get too wet.  

Who knows where else we'll end up this year.  Our list is long and growing longer all the time.  Now we just need the money to finance all these adventures.  Any one know someone that would pay us to travel?  Lukas would take assume pictures and I could attempt to write witty stories of our travels.  Just a thought... a daydream.

Other little bits of my life...