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By Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rain boots

{ok, I wont cheat.  Here's my post for "R"}

I love rain boots!  They keep my feet dry in the rain.  I trudge through mud and puddles in them.  I wear them to the beach or just around town.  I love rain boots!  And what's better than cute rain boots?  

My previous pair of rain boots were bright pink with deep purple soles.  They matched my bright pink raincoat, not on purpose, but they did.  I had them for years - I think maybe since 8th grade.  Wow, how could they have fit my feet for so long?  But the more I think about it the more I am convinced that was when I got them.  

When we were in Arcata this past week Lukas wanted to get some rain boots.  I think I convinced him of the great merits of rain boots.  And... who would know it, but at the store they had these cute lady's version of the boots Lukas wanted to get.  So, I just had to try them on and fell in love.  With a little convincing (I was surprised at how little it too) I talked my mom in buying them for me as an early birthday present.  Boy, they sure came in handy last week.  We went out picture taking a bunch and I think I wore these new boots just about every day.  

These are cool because they're super duper comfortable.  You can see the top part is made of the same material as a wetsuit and the bottom is rubber like a normal rain boot.  Inside is cushy neoprene was well, giving the boot nice padding and a high comfort level.  Water doesn't go in through the top part (I've "tested" this personally).  Plus, these keep your feet super warm.  

So, I highly advise getting yourself some rain boots if you don't have a pair already.  There are so many cute options out there.  If I could justify having more than one pair, I think I'd have at least 20.   

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