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Megan goes to Washington D.C.

By Sunday, June 22, 2008 ,

So... one evening (Saturday) I picked up one duffle bag, one computer bag, and a purse all in green and tromped off down the street.  And kept walking and walking and walking.  (it was much longer than I expected)  Fiiiiinally, I got to the Westwood Flyaway.  This is a pretty cool service LAX offers out of a couple different locations in Los Angeles.  A bus ride directly to LAX for $4, not a bad deal - especially when it's a private ride on a air-conditioned bus with a friendly bus driver.  (Minus that loooooong walk - got the worst knots in my shoulders.  Could use a really good massage. Wonder if that's included in what the county will cover.)  And then... a couple flights later, stuck in middle seats with an upset tummy, I arrived in D.C..  I found the metro (another long walk away), got the right train, tickets and easily found my hotel.  But, had to wait till 3pm to check-in so off I went to explore.
My hotel 

Back to the metro I went and one train change latter I was at the Library of Congress.
Library of Congress

Everything was closed because it was Sunday, but it was still cool to see all the buildings.  From the steps of the library I could see the Capital building and I called my dad.

Capital Building (plus House and Senate)
He recommended I go over to the Supreme Court next.  Now let me tell you, that is an impressive building.  It must have been built to inspire awe and make one feel insignificant.  All the steps, the huge columns, and massive gold doors.
Supreme Court

From there I walked down past the Capital Building hoping it might be open, but it was all closed up too.  I continued my walk down the Mall, a detour to watch some soapbox derby racing.  

Looked like fun and super official with someone announcing all the races and the time advantages the winners had for each heat and so on.  My next stop (well after some relaxing in the shade on the lawn behind the Capital building and watching herds and herds of Asian tourists go by) was the Botanic Garden.  
National Botanic Garden

It felt like a tropical jungle in there and the plants were very cool.  Then I went on to the National Air and Space Museum.  
Air and Space Museum

Wow, this was amazing.  I wish I wasn't so tired and took more time to look at everything.  All the planes were super cool!  From there I continued to walk towards the Washington Monument.  
Poked my head into the Natural History Museum, but was way to tired to get past the entry way.  Wish I did though 'cause looking at the brochure there looked to be some cool exhibits. Oh well, did get to see this cool elephant.  Then I went and got a super yummy lemon Italian ice.  
I was hoping it would give me the second wind I needed to make it all the way to the reflecting pool.  Well, even though it was quite yummy and a treat in the mugginess of the afternoon that second wind didn't come.  I was definitely done for the day.  So, back to the hotel I went, checked in, took a much needed shower and relaxed for the rest of the night.

*So, it has taken me until I am already back at home to get this post up.  Darn, I was trying so hard to post while in D.C. but it just didn't happen.  Never had a good enough internet connection to load up the pictures and what fun is a post if it doesn't have pictures.  To see the rest of my pictures from the trip click here!

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