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A little trip to Santa Cruz and San Francisco

By Sunday, August 3, 2008 , ,

Two weekends go (wow, time goes fast) I went up to visit Lukas for a few days.  We had a fun filled, packed weekend together.  It started with car races in Watsonville on Friday.  I didn't quite know what to expect... but I had a blast.  We saw four (I think) different types of cars race.  My favorite were the littlest ones 'cause they went the fastest.  We sat up in the stands slightly above the where the line of little mud pellets stopped.  It was a good thing too.  As the cars flew around the corner they would fling mud all over the place.  And... boy were they loud.  Thank goodness for ear plugs!  It was so much fun sitting up there, eating a messy messy tritip sandwich, and watching the cars speed along (and minor wrecks once in a while).

The next day it was off to San Francisco we went.  We spent the day at Golden Gate Park.  First we saw the Chihuly exhibit at the de Young museum.  See the massive size of all those glass pieces was quite mind boggling.  It all felt a little bit like we were under water.  From Chihuly we wondered around looking for the Conservatory of Flowers.  We only took the longest way there, but we did eventually find it.  The building was brilliantly white against a blue sky.  Inside it was like we'd stepped into a muggy tropical jungle.  It reminded me of botanical gardens I saw in D.C.  Here there was a room full of bright flowers and butterflies.  Then after a couple greasy (but yummy
) hot dogs we headed off towards AT&T park, by way of Old Navy and really really expensive parking (we'll never do that again!).    

The Giants were playing the Diamondbacks and tiny Tim Lincecum was pitching.  We had so much fun (even though the stupid bullpen blew it) that we decided to go back again the next day.

We only got slightly lost getting to the hotel that night and in the morning we heading back into the city.  It was a foggy San Francisco morning.  We went to 
Crissy Field and walked down the beach to Fort Point.
  It was cool to see the bridge disappearing into the fog.  It was such a nice morning.  

After having a couple hot chocolates we called up the Giants' ticket office and got tickets for the day's game.  
Pretty sweet since it was bobble head day.  We both just barely got our Matt Cain bobble heads; they only had a few left at the gate we walked through.  The sun tried to come out for a bit.  We were gonna go check out China Beach after the game, but the fog persisted and we were pretty tired so we headed home.

The next day we did a little "photo shoot" in the backyard so Lukas could practice his flash photography.  
We had fun together... weekends together are so nice.  


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