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rainy day craft

By Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today, instead of preping for an interview, I got out my clear stamps.  Since making my scrapbook I've been itching for a chance to use them again.  I decided what better to make than valentines... made me feel like a kid again.  Hand-made cards are so much more fun than store bought.  

For these I started with 4x6 note cards, left-over from my days as a student.  Cute cards are a much better way to fill them up than boring notes.  I've kinda go a thing for cards that don't open - postcard style I guess you'd call it.  So, no folding here.  

While buying envelopes to the fit the 4x6 note cards (*side note: there isn't a good option for fitting 4x6 note cards, so I had to go with a 5x7 envelope... a bit big) I took a little side trip down the isle with clear stamps.  I'm bad I know, but they were on sale.  I ended up going home with another set of letters.  Smaller than my first set and had both upper and lower case, plus a few fun birdie and flowery ones.  

I kinda kept with the style I used on my scrapbook for these valentines.  I'm really liking the clean lines and blockiness that I've got going.  To add to the collage-y-ness I used some pages out of old issues of Lukas's photo magazines.  Each valentine was different and that made this project all the more fun.  It's fun to use what you have on had to create something new.  I was over-all very pleased with how these came out.  That's even more fun.  

I bundled up - raincoat and boots - to take them down to the mailbox.  Hopefully they didn't get too wet when I put them through the mail slot.  It was nice to do a little self-contained project like this.  Just a few hours creating, stuffed in envelopes and mailed away.  Nothing left for me to keep and try to figure out what to do with.  I get to share some love with friends and I had fun on a rainy day.

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