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By Wednesday, February 11, 2009 ,


Lukas and I were walking in downtown SLO a couple years ago when we walked past a man.  This man had the appearance of a homeless guy.  On the dirty side of clean and the air of a drifter.  I happened to make eye contact with him and he said something that's stuck with me.  

"You've dropped your smile."  

At first I was confused.  What did he mean by this?  And in my confusion a smile spread across my face.  It was a smile of confusion, but as the words began to sink in, you dropped your smile, I really began to smile.  By then we had walked past the guy.  As I turned around to see him I saw he was smiling too.  

So, maybe at the moment we passed each other I wasn't smiling.  This stranger said something a little goofy to make me think and put a smile on my face.  He helped me find my smile.  

Just a few days ago when Lukas and I were out taking pictures I found the word 'smile' carved into the railing over-looking the ocean.  The full saying that was carved there said, "smile now, cry later".  That reminded me of this story and made me smile.  

Have you dropped your smile?

{this cool download is what I used to make the picture polaroid-like}

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