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By Tuesday, February 10, 2009 ,

"Quick... Run!!"

{an attempt to knock out 2 letters at one time}

Lukas has been wanting to take some moon-light pictures, so we made use of the this past full moon and being in Humboldt to do just that.  We went to Camel Rock Beach.  This beach has two sides to it - both reached by long, steep stairs.  The left side doesn't have much of a beach to it during high tide while the right side has much more beach and when the tide is out you can walk between the two.  Since the tide was coming in and there didn't look to be much beach to the left, we went right.  The moon was amazingly bright.  If you've never spent any time away from city lights on a full moon night you would be surprised at how light out it is.  

To find the best angle for a shot of camel rock we began walking towards the left beach along the water line.  The water wasn't in quite as far as it looked from up above.  We took our time walking to the left, checking the angle on the rock as we went.  The water began to come in around our feet, but with our rubber boots on we didn't pay it any mind at first.  But the water came in at a deceptively fast speed across gentle slope of the sand.  We picked up our pace to a trot and then we were running.  The water splashed up around our feet, wetting our knees as we raced to the beach on the left side.  We laughed as we ran to get out of the water and ended up only a little bit wet for our troubles.

After several long exposure pictures later we were ready to leave the shrinking left beach.  Our choices were either brave the water and run again or go up the very sketchy stairs.  Well, two steps up the sketchy stairs made us decide to give the run a try.  Wet boots on round logs don't make for an easy climb.  We took our time waiting for the waves to recede and then gave our first try between sets.  But our timing was off and we had to run back.  The second try we made it.  The water did come in around our ankles, but with some fast walking and a little running we stayed dry.  

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