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By Friday, February 20, 2009 ,


For most of my life I haven't lived in a big city.  I've lived in a little rural town in northern California.  We don't have big city lights, crowds or traffic.  Instead, the things that make living away from the hustle and bustle of a big city I have taken for granted.  And they had lost some of their wonder.  Seeing cows in a green pasture - no big deal.  But it was for my cousin who came to visit for a week from Long Beach when he was about 10 years old.  "Wow, there's so many cows," I can remember him saying.  Seeing the star filled night sky - common place.  But, then living in L.A. for two years showed me that they just disappear, lost in the light pollution.  Our trip to Death Valley this past week brought back my sense of wonder when looking at the night sky.  Even little town nights hold nothing against the amazing spectacle that is the night sky above an unpopulated desert.  Live in the city your entire life, or even in a little city and you'll never realize just how many stars there are.  I couldn't help but feel amazed when I looked up on our first night in Death Valley.  I just kept looking up and feeling that sense of wonder.  And the same thing followed the next two nights.  It is nice to be reminded of this amazing world we live in - to be reminded of the wonder we can feel.

What gives you a sense of wonder?

{The picture above is a long exposure night picture of Camel Rock.  I love the star trails}


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