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By Friday, February 26, 2010 , ,

My pillow is finished and now {for a little bit} I'm going to show it off.

My partner likes things modern and bright. She also likes vintage inspiration and linen. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do for the longest time. Mostly I was waiting to go to Hart's and hoping that inspiration would hit me there. In the mean time though {life has been busy lately} I found this tutorial. While the colors weren't quite right I really liked the idea - it had a great vintage-y charm to it.

So with this in mind I finally made it Hart's. Staring at me right when I walked in was the rack of Anna Maria Horner. My goodness - I'm sure the ladies at Hart's did this on purpose. I didn't even really make it past this rack. I had to touch these lovely fabrics and then it was all over. Lukas helped me pick out the colors and I think he did stellar. We added in a little bit of Hope Valley from Denyse Schmidt as well. I've got my fingers crossed that my partner will like the fabrics - Anna Maria wasn't on her suggestions list.

The tutorial called for using fusible fleece. I thought this method might work well for trying something with the voiles. Let me tell you... sewing with these is tricky. I've read of others using lots of starch to help. The fleece method worked for me {if you don't look too closely at the seems}.
I rounded the pillow out with some white, handkerchief fabric. Also tricky to sew with and cut and really do anything with pretty much. But... surprise, surprise it all just came together. {ps. in the picture above you can see the quilting for my Mendocino quilt - it's about half done}

Monday it will go in the mail. Making the journey to my partner - I hope she likes it!

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  1. Again, liked the pillow so much and have enjoyed how sweet you are on the group to others and wanted to come visit!

    Thank you for being so nice and I love the pillow. Hope your partner likes it too!

    Oh, and I'd seen that tutorial, wanted to do it, lost the link, and am so glad you made the pillow, because I found it again! Thanks!

  2. LOVE how this turned out!!