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hello february

By Monday, February 1, 2010

January already gone - how quickly time goes. This will be just a quick little to mention two new projects I'm undertaking during February.

First up, is actually a new activity that I'll actually be doing for the rest of the year. I made up a little worksheet that I can fill in each month to keep track of what I'm spending money on. I think I've actually been doing ok with not over spending and saving, but since I don't actually keep track I don't actually know. Having a standard sheet ready to use each month will make this easier for me. Here's a link to the worksheet if you happen to be interested: Tracking monthly spending.

Second, lots of people out there do Project 365 - one picture a day for a year. I didn't think there'd be any way I could actually keep that up so instead I'm starting small. I could do one month and I just happened to pick the shortest month. Part of succeeding is setting yourself up to succeed, right? You can check out my "february 28" project in my flickr stream.

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