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happy love day

By Sunday, February 14, 2010

How has my Valentine's Day been? Let me tell you...

First off, me and my valentine woke up at the ripe hour of 5am and drove across the city. We got to watch the fog roll in and in the matter of a few minutes it had totally blocked our view. So, that ended up as a bust.

Then me and my valentine took a much needed nap. 5am wake ups are hard - especially since I'm fighting a little cold.

Activity number three of our highly "romantic" day was a trip to the laundry mat. Seven, I will type that again - SEVEN, loads of laundry. Yikes! What can you say... when we go, we go BIG! Good thing we went to the laundry mat or we would still be doing laundry if we had tried to do it here at our apartment where it costs $4 a load. Four dollars! And the dryer doesn't really dry either.

A little Valentine's Day dessert was made and quickly enjoyed {evidence, the above photo}. I finally used my little heart shaped ramekins that I've had for a couple years now. I got them for a buck a piece from Create & Barrel when I bought some glass tupperware.

Tonight we'll go catch the sunset over the bay. We'll cook dinner together. And we'll probably watch a little Olympics together. Nothing "special", but sweet and simple is special and wonderful and just perfect for me and my valentine.

Hope everyone has had a lovely day! Happy day of love.

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