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blowing in the wind

By Saturday, October 3, 2009 , ,

Exciting, breaking news {well, maybe not that exciting} I have finished my 12 quilt blocks. Surprisingly these came together pretty quickly. I really love this fabric line. Just makes me smile every time I see it.

It was quite a challenge to get these pictures today. I had to wait for the weekend to be home at any time when there's light. Gosh, winter is totally creeping in already with the limited hours of light. And then today, has been windy as all get out. {you can see that in the picture below}

Next step? Calculate the yardage I'll need for the sashing. Then, design the backing. I'd like to add a couple smaller pieced blocks for the back.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Hi! I cannot find your email address, so I'll post my respone to your comment here.

    Thank you so much for the comment you left on my entry to the Festival. I’m so overwhelmed by all the response and wonderful comments I have received; I was not prepared for this as I have never been present where the quilt has been exhibited, and am totally new to this whole blogging thing. I am happy (probably not the right word..) though that my quilt touches so many people, even if I made it as a way to deal with the whole thing myself. I have to add that I did ask my daughter’s permission to tell our story, and she was only happy I would do it. Some stories just need to be told.

    It got me started with quilting though, which is one of the things that has kept me sane through all these years.

  2. I have the same fabric and am waiting to cut it up, so I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog during the quilt festival!

  3. Thanks!

    It was hard for me to start cutting into this fabric. But I love how the blocks came together. Still need to get my sashing and backing materials. I'll be sure to post the completed top and rest when I'm done.

  4. Hi Megan Anne,
    Carin from Margaret's Hope Chest here-wanted to say thanks for helping us reach our goal of 400 quilts! A child will be blessed through the work of your hands-fantastic!

  5. I love the fabric! Thanks so much for your comment about the little house quilt blocks. We featured it for this month's "With Scraps".

  6. Thanks Sonja. I've loved reading all your comments.