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weekend excitement

By Sunday, February 21, 2010

Any one else have the hardest time titling their posts? Really, this post will just be a random collection of the excitement from this weekend. Yesterday, in particular, was a great day.

It began with waking up super early for a completely boring sunrise. But, it got better - much better - as the day went. We headed to the flea market and totally scored! {pictures to come later} First stall we stopped in I found two cute green pyrex bowls for 3 bucks total and a cast iron pot for $7. What a deal! I also got a big pyrex bowl with green flowers on it for $2 - crazy when just a little bit earlier I saw a tiny one that matched this one for $10. And the best find of the day? It was a little cabinet hutch. The woman wanted $100 when we first asked how much it was. That was way too much so we turned to walk away. The price immediately came down to $70. Still too much so we did walk away, but were thinking about it. At the end we went back to check it over better. At $70 it was too much, but we bargained with her and walked away with it for $60. It's solid wood, rustic, and got good character.

And now... the best part of the weekend?! We've been looking for a new place to rent. The criteria we'd like it to meet - no neighbors above us, closer to the coast, gas stove in the kitchen, and allow a kitty {we've been want to get one}. I'd been practicing my positive thinking and it worked! We found a great place that really fits all the criteria and is cute too. We turned in our application on Friday and we signed the lease this weekend! I'm so stoked and even excited to start the moving process. It's so much fun to look forward to making this new place into a home. {pictures to come at some point I'm sure} For now we've been calling it the string bean 'cause the house is tall {duplex, we're on top}, skinny, and painted green. The name is quite fitting.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a picture from our trip to the beach Saturday morning. It was a nice morning even though the sunrise wasn't great. We got there in the dark and were greeted by this pile. We couldn't see it too well in the predawn lack of light, but saw it in all it un-glory when we headed back to the car. It just made me so sad! I can't believe people think this is ok.

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  1. i can't wait to see all the pictures to come- what a tease! and so glad you found a home to be happy in.