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one year down

By Saturday, June 4, 2011 , ,

To celebrate being married for a year {and to fill the long weekend} we ventured up to Lake Tahoe. What we didn't plan on when thinking of places to spend the weekend... snow?! But the hotel was booked and the forecast said possible snow. So here it was almost summer and Lake Tahoe was a winter wonderland.

Our first evening there we headed out to Bonsai Rock. Lukas was hoping for some smooth water to reflect the rock and of course fingers crossed for a killer sunset. Well, we found the rock {good thing we'd been here before} but that was about it for this night. There would be no killer sunset or reflections. Instead, we didn't even get out of the car due to the grayed-out sky and snow fall that was starting to obscure the road.

We nixed the idea of getting up for sunrise in favor of staying up late and enjoying our vacation. The only goal for the next morning was waking up in time to get breakfast at Heidi's. Breakfast was tasty {even if it was too expensive} and the weather was breaking by the time we finished. We were off to Cascade Falls.
Lukas had brought along our waterfall book and we took advantage of it. A 1 mile hike took us to the top of the falls, overlooking Cascade Lake. Quite stunning!

Can you spot Lukas?
That night we did manage a trip to Bonsai Rock that didn't involve getting snowed on. There wasn't a killer sunset or reflection, but we had fun just the same. Some places we can go out to shoot and have it all to ourselves, but not so at Tahoe on a holiday weekend. As we hit up the popular photo spots we kept running into the same group of photographers. Everyone wants a shot of the magical landscape. {pretty sure Lukas was composing his images to avoid any photo bombs}
To cap off the trip {and it wouldn't be a photography trip if we didn't get up early for at least one sunrise} we caught the sun coming up from Eagle Creek Falls. There's something pretty special about waterfalls that tumble into bright blue lakes.
And that was the trip... 3 day weekends go by too quickly.

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  1. congratulations on one year of marriage- it keeps getting better!
    what a fun weekend.