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let's eat

By Thursday, June 30, 2011


Some nights dinner is a hit. And this night last week was one. It all started with an idea from Every Day Food. That's our go-to magazine for great dinner ideas and new recipes to try. Lukas picked out this rice with boiled egg and soy dressing. Except he mistook the green onions in the magazine picture for leeks. But since we had leeks already that's what we went with - a happy mistake.

We paired the rice dish with a little crunchy, almond chicken {minus the cheese} and a spinach salad with cranberries and toasted almonds. Yum! Each part tasty and they worked so well together.

Want a closer look? I'm sure you do...

And for dessert? Well, I know I did say that the strawberries deserve their own post but I've got to include them here. {as I type this I'm sipping a strawberry smoothie made by the master} Another win from EDF - frozen strawberry cream bars.

We don't eat like this every night. Not even most nights. Boy, but when we do... YUM!

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