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it's the weekend!

By Saturday, June 18, 2011 ,

That's my favorite phrase to repeat when I walk in the door on a Friday evening. It is said with much excitement and often hands raised above my head. And it is always followed by a dramatic sigh.

What follows will be a random, weekend worthy, post of pictures from our weekend so far.

Our dinner tonight... pizza bianca from the June Everyday Food. Wow, it was tasty. Here in the picture the pizza is missing the arugula that was the perfect finishing touch. Lukas even agreed, though when tasting it on its own prior to putting it on the pizza Lukas likened the flavor to vomit. Sorry, not a pretty image/taste for such a wonderfully tasty pizza. To round out the meal we had asparagus with bell pepper, mushrooms, toasted almonds, pepitas and a little squeeze of lemon. Mmmmmm...

Prior to the yummy dinner I spent the day in the garden. This has been the year of disappearing plants. First it was the garlic. One by one the green stalks just vanished. No suspicious nibbles or wilting - just there one day, gone the next. And then it was my cucumber plant. It was growing so big and it too just vanished one day.

Today while weeding a completely different patch of the yard I found some chewed on cloves of garlic. My guess is a neighborhood cat made off with the green parts but ditched the cloves. But, I have no guesses for what happened to the cucumber plant.

With more space now available in the garden I filled it today with round two of garden version 2011. Today I planted more peas {since that's about the only thing I'm good at growing}, lettuces, and basil. And I covered the garden with a net to keep out birds. Hopefully that will allow the seeds to sprout and maybe keep out the plant thief. Fingers crossed.

And just because he's so cute... and it was a weekend {last weekend}, here's Inigo hanging out on my current quilt project. He has claimed it for his own. Every time I lay it out he must come hang out right on top. Good thing he's cute.

quilt nappin' kitty

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