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By Sunday, June 12, 2011 , , ,

Well over a year ago Lukas and I ventured to the fabric store to pick out fabrics from some house projects. Things like fancy-ing up the shower curtain, seat cushions, table runner, etc. But in all that time I've only made the fancy shower curtain.

Well, that and this set of napkins. To make the napkins I started with one yard of this fun fabric. It's heavier than quilting cotton and works great for napkins. I quartered the yard {fat quarters}. Then I followed Martha Stewart's instructions for making napkins with mitered corners.

In short... there was much pressing involved. And by the time I was done pressing I was just about out of energy. So, one napkin got make just to see that it could be done. The rest sat pressed, but unfinished for quite some time. Hard to get excited to sew napkins when there fun things to work on.

At a recent BAMQG meeting and sew day I pulled these out to finish them up. Our meetings are so much fun with lots of sharing and chatting so I only managed to finish up one more. But that got the ball rolling again and the last two were quickly finished up.

Now we love to use them every day.

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  1. I am glad you struggled through and finished these. They are cute and it is so nice to use cloth napkins.

  2. Great napkins and great fabric choice. Makes any meal a treat I imagine!

  3. I love your napkins, the Echino fabric is fabulous! Thanks so much for joining in the dinner party!

  4. I love it! That fabric is great and to get to see it every single day would be awesome!

  5. Fun project - and I LOVE that fabric!