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To Tahoe we went

By Wednesday, September 9, 2009 , ,

"Megan, time to get up." I heard through my sleep haze. "Really?" I asked, because it felt like I hadn't slept at all. I had only gotten to bed around 11pm and now it was the wee hours of the morning and I was being told to "get up". Slowly I remembered that we were leaving early for Tahoe and I had to wake up. Lukas was quite persistent and I'm not the best at waking up.

So we left way before the sun came up. The roads were clear and we were off on our adventure. The plan was to beat the sun to Tahoe and catch the sun rise. And in that respect we were successful, but the sun rise was bland due to lack of clouds and we were beat from the middle of the night driving.

After watching the sun come up over Emerald Bay we checked out Eagle Falls and then went to find some breakfast. I could have fallen asleep right in my avocado omelet. To kill time before we could check into the hotel we drove up to Zephyr Cove but balked at paying to go into the resort area. We found a shady spot to park and napped a bit.

It turned out we ended up checking into our motel early - thank goodness! Our motel was nice, but a little on the odd side. The tiny room came standard with a fridge and microwave. We had fun hitting golf balls down the little "putting green" while waiting for our room to be cleaned. We liked the place.

That night we went back out to watch the sunset from Kiva Beach. It turned out spectacular. There were a few clouds in the sky. After the sun sunk below the horizon the clouds exploded with color.

For the next sunrise we went back to Eagle Falls. The sunrise Sunday was a bit better for colors in the sky. From the lower falls I looked out over Emerald Bay and just enjoyed the simple quite of the morning. A full night sleep definitely helped me appreciate the beauty around me.

Sunset was spent at Sand Habor, after some intense exploring to find Bonsai Rock. Seriously, we did some driving back and forth on one little stretch of road. Followed by one little hike down and up a hill. And finally, sliding down a cliff that filled our shoes with dirt and allowed me to eat a bunch of dust. A few pictures later we dragged our bums up the cliff and went to Sand Habor.

Here we enjoyed the sun setting behind some super round rocks. The lake was quite turbulent. Lukas enjoyed some "rebel" rock hopping in his Bogs.

On our last sunrise we headed back to Bonsai Rock and climbed down by the way of the moon light. Hoped over some round rocks - slow going 'cause I really, really didn't want to fall. Again, the sunrise wasn't anything to write home about but Lukas got some good shots anyways.

The drive home was quite loooooong due to extensive holiday traffic that we had missed going there by leaving so gosh darn early. We did have a very nice stop over with Lukas's uncle and aunt in Lincoln. It was a much needed break from the car and we had fun spending some time with Denny and Tessie.

Now the week is already half over!

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  1. awesome pictures megan- are they yours or lukas'? i miss you! love em

  2. Really lovely photos - sounds like a perfect trip.