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By Thursday, June 30, 2011 , ,

sewing a wrist strap

So, the other night I did a little teeny tiny bit of sewing after dinner. When the kitchen was all cleaned up I took a few minutes to do some mending for my dad {yay, we're seeing my parents this weekend} and then I busted out some fabric choices for Lukas. The goal was not too girly and with my fabric stash this was hard to get at. We settled on this Heather Ross print. And just a few minutes later - really not much longer than it took me to do the mending earlier - I had a new wrist strap for my brand new {to me} little camera. This little camera is quite impressive. While only slightly bigger and with a bit more heft than my previous camera, the images this new little guy produces are leaps and bounds more rewarding.

strap all done!

I remember when I bought my previous camera I clearly told Lukas, "Nah, I doubt I'll ever use manual controls. It's ok if the camera doesn't have them." And so I ended up with the Panasonic TZ5. And while it was serviceable for quite some time, the pictures I was able to get with it just didn't live up to Lukas's standards. Plus, noise reduction smeared the heck out of things and that was just yucky {but now I'm getting all technical on ya}.

So for my birthday {and every other gift giving holiday from here until I'm old and wrinkled} I got this new little number - the Panasonic GF1! And boy does it pack a punch. A big enough one that I may be slightly worried Lukas might want to steal it from me.

gf1 + heather ross= :-)

This little camera uses interchangeable lenses like Lukas's big fancy camera, but it's missing a few other big camera features to make it fit in this little body. I picked out the 20mm f/1.7 lens for its large aperture and pancakeness {yes, I can make up words}. Pancake lenses have a lower profile than your standard lens and are a great fit for a little camera like this where the point is to keep things small. And the 1.7 aperture is great for letting in lots of light. And light... is the most important part of taking a picture.

Boy, have I got a lot to learn! But I'm so excited to have a camera I can grow into. Happy photographing!

{p.s. Notice my pictures have gotten bigger? Well, I've decided to host them on Picasa Web instead of just uploading through the blogger interface. I'm liking the results much more.}

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  1. Congrats on your camera, sure to be alot of fun... if you can get it out of your hubby's hands. Look at at you all camera geek speaky too! Well happy birthday.
    -Rich (flickr)

  2. Wowsers! That looks like an awesome little camera. Bring it on Saturday and lets see what it can do. ; ) The strap you made is super sweet. Not too girly... just right.

    Oh yeah and ... I like the bigger pictures muy macho!!

  3. Thanks Rich! Both of us are sure gonna have fun with it. Can't help picking up a little camera geek speak livin' with a photographer and all.

  4. megan- i just enjoyed catching up with you here! sounds like a lot of fun with your parents, i miss them!

    congrats on the new camera! i have a new to me camera now too, and i'm very curious to know how you host your photo's through picassa to get them big (and clear) on your blog. hints?