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treasure hunt

By Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As promised here are the pictures of our recent flea market finds {well, most of them}. Few words, mainly pictures, but if it were me I'd only really want to ooogle pictures anyways.

::glass dress knobs {not pictured} that almost exactly match those already on my dress to replace a couple that had broken - pretty sweet find!

::pyrex bowls found at different stalls but they make a cute little set {nice and green - Happy St. Patrick's Day!}

::little green glass jar - for a cool buck, it will make a great little home for some spring flowers

::cast iron pot - gonna be used for camping, but maybe I'll clean it up tonight and use it for some posole tomorrow - got to use up some chipotle peppers... recipes anyone?

::small wood cabinet {love this piece!} - the find and bargain of the day!

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