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in one day

By Tuesday, March 9, 2010 , ,

In one day... the boxes that have begun to take over every free inch of floor space will make their way to a new place.

In two days... all non-essential dishes and such will be wrapped in paper, boxed and taken to the new place.

In three days... all other little things that can be boxed will be boxed and moved - leaving just the big items for the big moving day.

In four days... goodbye couch and goodbye chairs, goodbye bed and goodbye dressers. Only for a short while though. Because after all that moving and then some cleaning it will be lots of unpacking, arranging and making a new home. I'm excited!

Yesterday was our last Monday in this little apartment. Today is our last Tuesday. And even though I'm super excited about the move I thought it would be good to remember the things I loved about living here.

::the excitement of signing my first lease on a place I didn't have to share with roommates - I felt so "grown-up"! {ps. our landlord has been great!}

::the morning walk to the train station. My first day of work the sun was shining and the air was crisp. I was excited to be starting a new adventure. I smiled and said good morning to the people I passed - the guys wiping down the cars at the dealership, the man waiting for the adult day center bus, the woman walking her daughter to school. In the past year I've continued to do this. Helps put a smile on the day.

::the farmers market {when I remember to go}

::quiet mornings when the sun comes through the front window

::hanging Lukas's photos on the walls. Taking them down for the move is what's really going to make it all feel real and the apartment feel empty.

Here's hoping the crumminess I've been feeling goes away so I can pack and move without feeling yucky.

{p.s. The picture above is of my Mendocino quilt. The quilting is done and the binding is 3/4 the way sticked down. I'm hoping to finish tonight - get it done before the big move!}

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