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play me some righteous tunes...man

By Monday, March 1, 2010 , ,

Lukas has been making leaps and bounds with his guitar playing. I remember back in college when Lukas tried to pick up the guitar - I think he go Twinkle Twinkle and Free Falling. But, the strumming and playing just wasn't clicking. I was quite surprised when Lukas tried guitar again and it just clicked! Now we have fun singing sessions together.

I saw this guitar strap on House on Hill Road and got inspired. Erin makes some beautiful camera straps too. Lukas wants something that's removable for his camera strap so that's been on the back burner. But I showed him the guitar strap and he liked it too.
Lukas picked out the fabrics - baseballs with tan for the front and cozy plaid flannel for the back side. I copied Erin's idea and bought a cheap nylon guitar strap for the hardware. Hmmm now what to do with 60" of nylon webbing? Anyone looking for some... it's your's for the asking.
The hardest part of the whole thing was turning the long skinny tube inside out after sewing the front to the back. I added one layer of interfacing between the two for extra stiffness.

It was a quick project and the recipient is quite happy. Yay!

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