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By Wednesday, March 3, 2010 , ,

I totally forgot to show the blocks I sewed for January. I even had to check my archives to be sure I hadn't shared about these yet. Gosh and it's already March!

This was my first time working with half-square triangles... they're fun. I thought I was so clever getting my seems to line up by pressing them in opposite directions, only to learn a little bit later that this is a pretty established trick to do.

This first block really popped with the green on the white. I had to have Lukas help me with the layout - it was horrendous prior to what you're seeing here.

The pinwheel on the second block didn't quite work. I hadn't read this post on Old Red Barn Co. yet {in my credit, the post wasn't around yet}. Lights and darks are important to keep in mind - now I know.

Tonight was spent working on the wedding dress. Grrrr... arms are tricky. I think I need to modify/redraft the sleeve pattern. But I know from experience some times it's best to walk away and come back to it another day.

Ten days and counting till the big move!

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