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show and tell

By Thursday, March 18, 2010

First off, I don't usually win things. I get these great "feelings" like Oh, I'm gonna win! but they usually are all for not. Secondly, me and estimating numbers, time and distances don't exactly go hand and hand {just ask Lukas}. So when Pamela posted about this great bookshelf and asked for guesses as to what she paid I took a stab at it, without much hopes of getting even close. But I guess since she got it at such a great price it was anyone's guess and it happened to be mine. When she announced the winner I had to click on the linked "Megan" just to be sure it was me. My winning guess got me this sweet birdy magnet. Super cute, super strong and a sweet extra touch to make the new place more like home. {I guess I could find something prettier than the fix-it list to hold for the picture, but... this is true to life.} PS. Pamela has a beautiful blog and has just reopened her shop with beautiful unique jewelry - go check her out.

And so unlike me, I won another give away - this one didn't require any "expert" guess work. Jody of Because I'm Me had a give away in honor of her 500th post to her blog and she offered up a custom small quilt. I gave her a little direction with the colors and waited with excitement to see what would come. And... it's perfect. The beautifully pieced scrappy triangles remind me of mountains and the whole quilt feels very natural. It has found its home on the back of the green chair {post to come}. Perfect for snuggling under when watching a movie or reading a book. PS. If you like quilting or looking a pretty quilts check out Jody's inspiring blog. Oh, and here's a few more pictures Jody posted.

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