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By Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is really here. I really felt it went I walked home yesterday. The air just felt different and the sun was much lower. Granted, I was almost an hour late due to a collision on the tracks before my evening commute. But still, the sun just feels different! Even this morning I can tell the angle has changed - moved more toward fall.

And now, a post in list form because that's what you're getting...

- A couple weeks ago I sewed up a circle skirt from a "vintage" bed sheet. I'd had it cut out for over a year in the hopes that it would become the bottom of a dress. I was following a tutorial and everything. But, when I saw how much time had gone by I just did a quick seem up the side, inserted a zipper, a couple darts for fit and called it a day. And, I got to use my rolled hem foot for my new sewing machine! I love it. I can't stop looking at the professional looking hem every time I wear the skirt. {hopefully, picture to come soon. Been meaning to blog this but the lack of picture was holding me up.}

- I've got my pieces cut for the quilt I've been thinking up and planning. Can't wait to see how this comes together. A bit nervous about the thought of machine quilting, but I know I'll just jump right in when I get to that point. Some day soon, hopefully, there will be pictures of completed blocks to share.

- Fall means the Jewish new year - Rosh Hashana. It means apples and honey. Signing songs and prayers to melodies used once a year. I got really nostalgic sitting in services. In my mind I could clearly picture being squashed in one seat with my friend Rosy. I got choked up when the choir sang the song that always makes my mom cry. I met the nicest woman and sat with her at both services. And even though I had just met her we connected and it made the services so much better and more meaningful. I think she felt it too.

- Tomorrow my family comes down. I get to see my little sister who is living in Israel! So excited. Family camping trip this weekend in the beautiful Big Sur coast. And then the fam will be here through Yom Kippur and my sister will head back to Israel.

And that's the list... you've gotten it!

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