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little brown house

By Sunday, September 20, 2009 , ,

When I saw these little houses I started falling in love. Aren't they just darling? Now looking back on them I wish I'd chosen some more colorful fabrics for mine. Oh, well this wont be my last.

I was excited when I saw that See Katie Sew had made up a little free pattern for a house. I just had to try it.

This was my first time ever doing any paper piecing and... I loved it. It was a bit tricky at first to think of the direction I should put my fabric {only messed up once}. And getting the size of the pieces large enough for the parts around the roof that are at an angle.

Now I've got to think what I want to do with this little square. Hmmmm, maybe make some more little houses and make a quilt? Quilted pot holder? Any ideas?

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  1. Love that project! I would use as a pillow cover. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yours is adorable!