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By Monday, July 20, 2009

I've been thinking for days now how to write the perfect witty post about my new sewing machine, but it just hasn't come to me. Maybe that's because instead of getting sleep or exercising or eating I've been staying up to all hours getting to know it's ins and outs. Well, not all nights but most definitely that first day I brought it home...

I'd done my research, first narrowing it down to Pfaffs. I learned to sew on my cousin's vintage pfaff. I loved how solid it was - a tank. Most recently my old machine was up at my parents' house while I was staying in Santa Cruz. I had the chance to use Lukas's mom's pfaff. When I got my machine back it just wasn't cutting it any more. It felt so clunky.

Some people might buy their first new car when they get their first real job, I began fantasizing about sewing machines. One that would make a quite hum, not be a pain with tension, sew through the thick fabrics that would send mine into a tail spin. Two features I thought would be cool to have, but totally not necessary, were needle up/down and automatic tie off.

I made a little trip to a shop that carried Pfaffs for a test drive. I was looking, not buying. I'd had my eye on the Select 4.0 - a solid, mechanical machine with a good stitch selection. But, the sale's lady is well, a sale's lady and just had to show me the next level up machine - a computerized one with those extra features I'd already been eyeing. Good thing it was way out of my budget or I just might have come home with it.

When I got home I emailed another shop that I knew had Pfaffs for less then the store where I took my test drive. They didn't have the any more of the machine I wanted but he did have a used one that was just a model older. And the kicker... it was within my budget. I waited on pins and needles for the shop to open on Tuesday. Then I watched the clock at work (I did take off a little early). I drove into the heat of the east bay to check out this sewing machine.

And it was good. I gave it a try, liked, and bought it. That night I stayed up late fixing the curtains I'd made earlier this year. Boy those two unnecessary features (up/down and tie off) sure are wonderful. Maybe not necessary, but sure make sewing a breeze.

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  1. ohhhhhh wowwwwwww! you lucky dog!! what a dream come true! that machine could very well last you for the rest of your life. i hope i'll be able to take it for a spin some time? get sewing.....

    love em