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By Tuesday, September 29, 2009

After a long weekend with family camping {pictures to come}, capped off by Yom Kippur it was hard to go into work today. Especially on 6 hours of sleep broken into two hour stretches - staying up late, seeing my little sis off to the airport to go back to Israel, then seeing my parents off on their drive home. It was a full weekend. Now I'm home with an overly quiet home and it's only 8pm. I was seriously debating heading to bed super early, but with a little blog inspiration I've decided to pull out my machine and start piecing the squares I'd cut out last week. I'm really starting on this quilt!! Yay!

{In other news, I'm participating in my first "block party". With 11 other women we'll be making quilt blocks for each other over the next year. I'm month 9! Ooooo, can't wait. It'll be fun to sew for others and have them sew for me.}

{ps. sorry for the lack of photos!}

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  1. l'shana tova! i'm going through all of the links to our block party & saying hello. i'm sending out our first fabric tomorrow!