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sunshine sunshine

By Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I was walking home the other afternoon with giant sunflowers peaking out of my grocery bag. Three big ones for $2 - a good deal. As I went past the car dealerships there was a woman sitting in her car with the door open. She saw me coming and her eyes looked onto the flowers from half a block away. I smiled as I got closer to her thinking she would smile back and I would walk on.

"Those are some big sunflowers you have there," she said. "Beautiful." I agreed, slowing down my fast pace home. "When I was a little girl my father had planted rows of these in the backyard. I remember watching them through the day." She moved her hand mimicking the movement of the yellow petaled heads. "They followed the sun across the sky each day." Sun flowers.

Sunshine in a vase sitting on my kitchen table. They lasted over a week - my little piece of sunshine.

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  1. That is a gorgeous photo! Sunflowers just always brighten any day